[Siber] Holidays Blessing Letters

These are letters (emails) we received from event Holidays Blessing (2012~2013)
DollClans will post all letters characters received from this event.
Even it is quite old event, there are many information from characters!
So we decided to collect all info and post in The Clans Diary.
Sender’s name will be shorten to protect your information.
For example, DollClans-san will be shorten name to D-san.
Except for photo, which we will post as same as we received from you.
If any customers who joined this event, and would like article or photo to be removed.
Please contact us and we will remove them as your request.
We hope you will enjoy with DollClans character!
* Disclaimer *
Details about characters are not real person, situation, place and anything else.
It is role playing character.

This entry is for Siber.